Chartboost, a mobile-game services company, is introducing the Chartboost Store. The company claims the new product will help developers squeeze more money out of their in-game stores.

The Chartboost Store plugs into free-to-play games and allows developers to monitor and quickly analyze how their digital goods are selling. Studios can then use the service to make changes to pricing and more on the fly. The product is in beta now for Android, iOS, and Unity.

“In a few short years we have seen a massive shift from paid downloads to free-to-play mobile games,” Chartboost chief executive Maria Alegre said in a statement. “A key driver of this has been the success of in-app stores and marketplaces allowing developers to monetize their free games. Our mission has always been to provide tools for developers that help them grow their games and their businesses. Our new Store backend service provides developers with the tools they need to analyze performance and quickly make improvements to increase their in-app purchase revenue.”

The Chartboost Store will join the company’s other services, which focus on user acquisition and cross-promotional ad sales.

Developers can sign up for the Chartboost Store beta now and learn more about the product on the company’s website.

A few developers are already testing out the new service. It is live in developer Retro Dreamer’s Ice Cream Drop, and the studio’s founder believes it could increase its games’ revenues.

“We’re a small team, and building a backend service to provide the flexibility to make updates on the fly wasn’t something we ever considered before,” Retro Dreamer founder Gavin Bowman said. “Working with Store has opened our eyes to the possibilities going forward, thinking about how we can run promotions and regular content updates in our future titles. We’re already thinking different about building our games going forward.”