GamesBeat’s staff each picked one game from the current (and soon ending) generation that they wish they could experience for the first time again. Now it’s your turn.

Do you wish you could explore the wild west of Red Dead Redemption with the same wonder and amazement as you did back in 2010? Or maybe you’d like to explore the depth’s of BioShock without the story’s twist nestled permanently in your brain? Maybe you wish you could play Portal without remembering the solution to every puzzle?

Let us know! Read our “about” page to find out how to make an account and start writing your own stories for GamesBeat Unfiltered. Our editors select your best articles, professionally edit them, and promote them to GamesBeat’s front page, granting you bragging rights and all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings.

If warmth and happiness isn’t your thing, we’ll also select one writer who contributes to this topic and send them a free game. We’ll talk to you and figure out which system you’d prefer your prize for and try to figure out something you’d enjoy from our massive stockpile.

Happy writing, everyone! We’ll be reading!