If you, like me, have been longing to hold a Firefox OS device in your nerdy little hands, the wait just got a little less excruciating.

Geeksphone is finally bringing non-developer, non-developing-area consumers the Firefox mobile operating system in a handy little package called Peak+.

Peak+ will be a higher-end smartphone than the current Geeksphone Peak and Keon models and was designed with the help of feedback from the small community of Geeksphone Firefox OS beta testers.

Geeksphone doesn’t have any details on availability or pricing or specs just yet, but its other two models sold out quite quickly in a matter of hours and remain out of stock.

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To get on the list for pre-registration, you have to create a Geeksphone account.

So far, a bunch of manufacturers (including Apple partner Foxconn) and carriers (including Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom) have gotten aboard the Firefox OS train. The operating system aims to prove the validity of the mobile web, both as a model for distribution, consumption, and monetization of mobile apps and as a platform where apps can perform as their makers intend: with speed and reliability.