At the Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming trade show in June, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed that its Mad Max game is heading to consoles (current and next gen) and PC in 2014. Now, the company is finally showing off snippets of gameplay.

In a new trailer, Warner Bros. and developer Avalanche Studios — best known for Just Cause 2 — give us a closer look at the world of Mad Max. The video plays a¬†somber musical track as a narrator explains that the world is devoid of morality, justice, and mercy. The disembodied voice goes on to explain that the world needed a hero, but instead it got Max.

Gameplay cuts into the video in short bursts. Max will have to fight against bandits with his hands, with his guns, and with his automobile.

Check it all out below:

Mad Max is a new take of the original Mad Max films. Those movies, which starred Mel Gibson in the role of Max, explored a dystopian future Australia after the world fell apart due to oil shortages. Avalanche originally debuted its Max as an American, but it decided to switch the character to an Australian accent after receiving complaints from fans.