Hardcore gangster Johnny Gat, costar of the original two Saints Row games, is back to help players in the next game.

Saints Row IV is due out Aug. 20 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. To celebrate Gat’s return, developer Volition released a new trailer starring the franchise favorite. Check it out below:

Gat was a famous gangland figure in the original Saints Row. He joined up with the player’s crew to help take down rival gangs and bring peace to the streets. Developer Volition killed off the character in Saints Row: The Third.

Fans loved Gat for his over-the-top style and devil-may-care attitude. Since the player could always create their own character, Gat acted as a constant representation of the Saints Row swagger.

Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who is best known for his roles on Lost and Hawaii Five-0, voices Johnny Gat. Filming of Hawaii Five-0‘s original season coincided with the development of Saints Row: The Third. That conflict likely left Kim with little time to record voice work for Volition. 

Scheduling is no longer an issue for Saints Row IV. The character and the actor are both back, and fans of the older games can rejoice again.

Saints Row IV, which began as an expansion for the third game, brings superpowers to the open-world crime game. Players can still hijack cars and use guns, but now they can also run at superspeeds and leap over buildings.

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