Enterprise cloud software giant Salesforce has launched a new set of integrated tools it calls the “Sales Performance Accelerator” that claim to help inform and motivate your company’s sales team.

When you sign up for Sales Performance Accelerator, you essentially get features from Data.com and Work.com inside of the well-established Sales Cloud application.

Borrowed from Data.com, Sales Cloud users will now able to be bring in reams of targeted lead and customer data. From Work.com, Sales Cloud users will add the ability for sales teams to coach, motivate, and reward their fellow workers. By having Data.com and Work.com features inside Sales Cloud, workers don’t have to leave the dashboard to use those tools. And pricing ends up being slightly cheaper by just using everything inside Sales Cloud rather than using all three apps. (See pricing below.)

“We’re shortening the sales cycle,” Nick Stein, Senior Director for Marketing at Salesforce, told VentureBeat. “And we want to unlock peak performance out of every rep.”

These features appear mostly aimed at existing Salesforce customers that are already using Sales Cloud but want to get more out of it. Stein said there will be promotional pricing offered to new and existing customers that are attracted to the new integrated offering.

Salesforce said some of its customers are already using Sales Performance Accelerator to improve sales performance. These include CareerBuilder, DocuSign, and Enterasys.

“We have over 100,000 customers and they all want and need different things,” Stein said. “This acts as a comprehensive solution for those who want it.”

Check out pricing on the new offering below.