The Last of Us is easily one of 2013’s most talked-about games. Our own community of writers has had plenty to say about the postapocalyptic PlayStation 3 exclusive, having posted some great stuff on GamesBeat Unfiltered. We love to spotlight the awesome work you guys do, so we put together this little collection of your stories covering The Last of Us.

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Now then, let’s get to them.

The Last of Us is a masterpiece
By Bryant Chambers

As you could probably guess from the title, Bryant was a pretty big fan of The Last of Us. He even goes so far as to call it a game that defines a generation. He praises just about every aspect of the experience. Check out his full story. His enthusiasm is infectious.

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Narrative Elevation: It was a long path, but The Last of Us is the apex of what videogame stories can (but shouldn’t always) be
By Jeremy Conrady

Jeremy focuses on one aspect of The Last of Us: its story. He goes through the history of narratives in gaming and argues that developer Naughty Dog’s latest creation is the pinnacle of the medium so far.

The Last of Us: Great game, not so great glitches!
By Austin Baroudi

OK, maybe you’re a little sick of all the glowing praise. Then maybe you’ll enjoy Austin’s story, which documents his frustration with glitches in The Last of Us.