Google just released its Q2 2013 quarterly earnings: $14 billion in revenue, including $13.1 billion in ad sales, and almost $4 billion in profit. The world’s preeminent search and mobile company now sits on a war chest of over $101 billion in assets.

Here’s the company’s quarter, visually.

Revenues by quarter: up, up, and up

google revenue by quarter

U.S. revenues versus international revenues — international is growing slowly

google us vs international revenue

Google’s traffic acquisition costs: up slightly, but not as a percentage of revenue

Google's traffic acquisition costs

Google expenses and revenues: revenues are getting more expensive

Google expenses and revenues

Google profits: up, but margin is down

google profits

Google profits: Google vs. Moto

Google profits Google vs. Moto

Google cash: still adding, but slower, because expenses are up

google cash

Google revenues by geography: U.S., UK, and everything else

google Revenues by geography

Google costs: R&D up, cost of revenues up, sales costs up, general costs up

Google costs