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It’s been three years since DevCON5 Launched – how has HTML5 evolved since then?

The use of JavaScript has exploded and has streamlined and simplified information rendering, and this is in part due to HTML5’s optimization of JavaScript. HTML5 has made JavaScript usage a more dynamic interaction. CSS3, Java, and HTML5 have become the solution to render web pages and has become a far more dynamic interface to reach out to multiple servers to render pages. The end result is web pages that far more engaging and interesting.

We are also seeing major media companies moving to the web. This is a major shift for companies who in the past were focused on broadcast television. HTML5 has enabled these companies to develop sites that are far more user friendly and dynamic.

How has HTML5 affected consumer’s consumption of mobile apps and gaming?

For mobile apps, we’re seeing the impact in two places: hybrid development and monetization of apps. Without HTML5 we are dealing with Apple and Android domination, but HTML5 gives developers on other platforms like Blackberry and Nokia a chance to leverage lower development costs to remain competitive and provide the consumer with more device choices.

HTML5 provides developers with tools that create a dynamic user experience while providing flexibility to placing ad creatively to draw the user’s attention. The developer’s capability to leverage design with monetization is a key advantage that HTML5 offers.

Because of HTML5, gaming has moved from a strict set box application to a mobile app. HTML5 has become the core language for mobile gaming apps, and with advances in mobile screen resolution and quality, we’re seeing more and more developers fixated on mobile games. This doesn’t mean that mobile gaming isn’t facing any issues; in fact, our Developer Dilemma session at DevCON5 will address how HTML5 has to evolve in order to satisfy speed requirements and graphic rendering.

What opportunities does HTML5 present to the development community?

There are huge development opportunities for mobile apps and gaming. Because most web consumers are on their mobile device the majority of their time, web pages must be optimized for mobile viewing. Companies need to put the development resources behind this to ensure this optimization exists.

The second opportunity lies within the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) revolution. This has created a whole new dynamic – companies have to ensure that both their mobile workforce as well as their customer demands are met. This requirement creates huge development efforts and those developers that are proficient at HTML5 will succeed in this new world.

What is new and exciting about this NYC DevCON5 event in July?

New York is the media capital of the world and we are getting participation in the event by major media companies including Turner, Nick, CNN, Synacor, AOL and more. These companies have embraced the web and found a way to take advantage of it to promote content and deliver information, HTML5 is a big part of their web strategy.

We also have Basha and Mongo DB talking about the database opportunity  f the web and how to support cloud opportunities. Brightcove will speak to attendees about the video opportunities on the web.

This will be an exciting event. Take the time to review the agenda and then use the discount code CFM for 20 percent off when you register online.

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