Google has made a lot of design changes to Gmail in the past year, sometimes to the dismay of its users. One such change was making the compose screen take up just one corner of your display rather take up the whole screen.

Google has apparently heard the requests of those peeved by the change, and it is now rolling out a full-screen compose option for all users. (See the photo above to see what it looks like.)

“When this option is enabled, the compose window is centered in your inbox and expands to fit on your screen,” the Google team wrote on Google+ today. “In addition, the formatting toolbar is on by default. You can click on the expand button in the top right to switch to full-screen or set full-screen as the default by selecting Default to full-screen in the more options menu in the bottom right.”

It’s nice that Google added this option following user “feedback.” Personally, I’ve come around on the new version of compose because it helps me look at details in other e-mail while I write new ones. But I do plan to at least test out the new full-screen mode when it rolls out to see if I prefer it.