Aereo announced today that it’s launching its TV-anywhere service across the entire state of Utah.

Aereo’s service lets you watch and record free over-the-air local television content (from broadcasters like ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, CW, and other) via desktop computers, set-top boxes, and mobile devices. It does this by providing a tiny antenna for each subscriber — thus making the service legal in the eyes of the law, thus far. You have the option of paying $8 or $12 per month, depending on how many hours you need to record programming.

Aereo is already available in New York City, Boston, and Atlanta, and it plans to launch in Chicago in September. The company wants to be in a total of 22 markets by next year. So why Utah? In a statement, Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia explains:

“Utahns are connected, tech-savvy and interested in innovations that can add value to their lives. When it comes to how you watch television, Aereo’s technology will bring more choice and flexibility to Utahns across the state, whether you live in Salt Lake City, St. George or Ogden. We believe consumers want and deserve a better television experience and our work is focused on delivering the best customer experience with the highest quality technology.”

Residents in all 29 counties in Utah should expect access to Aereo August 19, when it officially rolls out.

Today’s announcement marks the farthest west that Aereo has set up shop, which could have something to do with a U.S. court of appeals refusing to rehear a case against major broadcasting networks and Aereo. Broadcasters claim that Aereo is infringing on their copyrights by freely using broadcasted programming and offering a DVR service that lets people watch that content virtually anywhere.