Developer Henry Smith just released his popular mobile co-op party game Spaceteam on Google Play. That means people using Samsung Galaxy S IV, HTC One, or Nexus 4 can finally get in on the action. Spaceteam is a co-op game for two to four players that approximates what it’s like to run the control panel on a spacecraft. Each player has a number of switches, dials, and buttons, and everyone is issued different commands. Players must cooperate and communicate to make sure they’re performing the correct actions on time or else their ship won’t survive its flight.

The Android version is also fully cross-platform compatible with iOS. That means if you guys can stop arguing for five minutes, then Android and iOS owners can play Spaceteam together. The fanboy fighting will accompany us into the stars.

Spaceteam is a free download, but Smith sells add-on packs that enable different functions. For example, he is selling a symbol pack so that young kids (or illiterate smartphone owners) can still enjoy playing.