Ubuntu firm Canonical wants to make you “a beautifully crafted smartphone” featuring the Ubuntu phone OS and Android (for those moments when you feel a little less secure in your early adopter-ness).

Called Ubuntu Edge, the project is currently living over at Indiegogo, where it eagerly awaits your dollars and cents — $32 million, to be exact.

Canonical promises Ubuntu desktop-level power in engineering as well as thoughtful design. It can handle both mobile web apps and native apps made with the Ubuntu SDK.

Here’s a demo video showing off some of the look and feel and features:

Ubuntu phones started coming into their own earlier this year. We seriously loved the idea but thought it was doomed to failure.

However, in a high-tech, low-volume scenario like this, we can imagine such a device working out rather well, with hardcore mobile geeks shelling out to get their mitts on a truly unique smartphone.

From the campaign page:

We’ve set such a high crowdfunding target for a good reason. Between design, certification and manufacture, the costs of building a new phone are huge — but the more we produce, the lower the final cost of each handset. Setting such an ambitious target means a more competitive price per device.

As of this writing, nearly half a million dollars has been raised toward the fundraising goal. A total of 31 days remain in the campaign.