AT&T posted its second quarter earnings today — and this time Android was the star.

The company said that it sold a record number of Android smartphones during the quarter, helping it post revenues of $32.1 billion — a slight increase over last year. AT&T sold a total of 6.8 million smartphones.

AT&T’s shares are down slightly in after-hours trading.

AT&T also announced that it added 551,000 subscribers — nearly 400,000 fewer thanĀ Verizon’s own 941,000 subscription additions. Slightly more surprising: AT&T said that 398,000 new tablets joined its network, likely as customers continue to take advantage of its Mobile Share plans.

On the LTE front, AT&T says that 35 percent of its subscription smartphone base is LTE-capable. AT&T also says that its LTE rollout is ahead of schedule and should cover the entire U.S. by next summer.