After months sitting on the edge of our seats, the world can breathe a sigh of relief as Volition, gaming’s most princess-like developer, came out of months of labor with a bouncing baby Saints Row IV in its arms.

Publisher Deep Silver, like a proud father, announced that the game is ready and will head to retailers soon. Saints Row IV launches on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on Aug. 20, which is more than some royal babies can say.

The open-world crime game is the sequel to one of 2011’s biggest hits. Saints Row IV brings back many of the car-jacking, enemy-shooting gameplay of last game, but this time Volition is adding in a large roster of superpowers that enable players to jump over buildings and glide through the air.

Saints Row IV puts players in the role of President of the United States. Invading aliens put the hero and his friends into a Matrix-like virtual world that gamers must escape.

Deep Silver already announced that it is working with Volition on creating its next baby, some downloadable content for Saints Row IV. Gamers can preorder a season pass for the planned DLC for $10. That pass will guarantee players access to two upcoming mission packs and an exclusive anal-probe weapon.

One of the upcoming mission packs includes the Enter the Dominatrix DLC that was originally planned for Saints Row: The Third. Enter the Dominatrix eventually became the basis for Saints Row IV.