Cell phone carriers are slowly adding cell and data service to New York City’s subway system, and NYC just committed 30 more stations to be ready for service installation back in April.

But it looks like Sprint (with help from Transit Wireless) wants to get its service to more NYC commuters with a new commitment to bring cell service to all 277 subway stations in New York.

“As we build out our new network, adding the vast underground New York City subway system brings a whole new level of connectivity to our customers, whether they’re consumers, public safety representatives, first responders, or city workers,” Greg O’Connor, vice president of engineering at Sprint, said in a statement. “We look forward to providing an enjoyable connected experience for the 1.65 billion visitors and straphangers who ride the NYC subway annually.”

The first phase of Sprint’s rollout focuses on stops in the middle of Manhattan. Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile customers should begin receiving coverage underground in the 36 stations in Midtown and Chelsea by early 2014.

For its second phase, 40 stations in Manhattan (including Grand Central Station, 34th St. Herald Square, and Bryant Park) and Queens will get hooked up. The company expects phase 2 to be finished in early 2014.

Sprint did not give a commitment on when it would finish equipping all 277 stations. That said, Transit Wireless — which initially makes subway service possible for all cell providers — said it expects to have its equipment in all subway stations by 2017. Ideally, that means Sprint is also is aiming for 2017.