Plenty of keyboards are out there for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. I have one in my office, somewhere. But few that fit comfortably in your pocket, fold with interleaved keys for a smaller bulge, and work with the iPhone, Android devices, and the iPad.

And only one has blown through its $10,000 Kickstarter goal by over $70,000.

“The reality is that human hands are not shrinking in size and the devices we use are shrinking,”¬†inventor Brunn Roysden says.

Virtual keyboards are great for providing large canvasses for our photos, movies, and mobile apps, but they’re not the best for typing accurately and quickly.

So the team spent three years building 15 staged prototypes of the keyboard, ranging from glued-together bits of broken keyboards to aluminum myTypeand metal mockups. The final product is made of thin, flexible, yet tough silicon, fits in your pocket, connects with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, holds an eight-hour battery charge, and types up to 75 words per minute on your smartphone.

And, thanks to those interleaving keys, the entire keyboard fits in just .35-inch of width, with 6.8 inches of length and 3.6 inches of width.

The myType is available in five colors, including white and black, and is currently still available on Kickstarter for $59.