FitBark, a device that’ll let you track your dog’s fitness, is one step closer to being a real product.

The FitBark team just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the device, which it hopes to ship to backers by this fall. The device will run for $69 on Kickstarter and $99 at retail.

Among other things, FitBark lets you monitor your dog’s fitness and activity, which can be charted and compared to other dogs. All of that data, in theory, should give you a very clear idea of your dog’s health.

While not entirely unique, the FitBark concept is interesting because it takes the idea of the fitness tracker and applies it to the very, very lucrative dog market. Dog owners spend roughly $2,500 a year on their pets, according to the American Kennel Club — and FitBark wants a piece of that.

“We’re really differentiating on size. We’re trying to create something that dog owners think is cute and designed from the dog’s perspective,” FitBark cofounder David Rossi told VentureBeat earlier this month.

As with all hardware Kickstarters, FitBark’s campaign does come with some risks: While the team already has working prototypes of the device, creating hardware means making sure the company has all the necessary components to begin manufacturing. FitBark assures backers that it does, which means there shouldn’t be too much stopping it from meeting its shipping goals later this year.