Square Enix continues its strategy of releasing premium-priced games on mobile devices with its latest iOS game.

The publisher released Bloodmasque today on Apple’s mobile devices for $7. It’s an action role-playing adventure that takes place in Paris in 1890. Vampires rule the French city, and players must guide their vampire hunter to take out the bloodsuckers. Bloodmasque uses turn-based combat with melee weapons and magical attacks, which are possible because the hero is half-vampire.

Gamers can download the game now through the iOS App Store.

Square Enix has more than 30 games available on Apple’s mobile store. It recently launched Deus Ex: The Fall to mixed reviews, and the publisher seems focused on the digital outlet as a meaningful source of revenue.

Earlier this week, publisher Electronic Arts revealed that it made more money on the Apple App Store than through any other single retail outlet. That includes Steam, Origin, or Walmart. Square Enix is obviously hoping to find similar success, but it’s approaching iOS and mobile with a slightly different strategy than EA.

While Square Enix is releasing mostly premium games that cost $7 to $20 on mobile, EA is making most of its money from free-to-play games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Real Racing 3. Square Enix’s free-to-play offerings include Final Fantasy spinoffs and original titles that haven’t quite found made the same impact as EA’s games.