Apple restored part of its developer center today after a weird hacking incident forced the company to shut down access to the center Thursday, July 18.

Earlier this week, Apple announced it had taken down its developer center in an email to its developers entitled, “We’ll be back soon.” Apple blamed “an intruder” for finding a hole in the system and attempting to steal private information about developers using the center. Soon thereafter, however, a Turkish researcher named Ibrahim Balic stepped forward saying he was behind the “attack.”

Balic said he’d found 13 security issues in Apple’s developer center, and as a proof of concept he’d grabbed personal information about 73 Apple employees and over 100,000 developers. He alerted Apple to the bugs, but didn’t heard back until much later after the news had reached the public. What he then received was a standard bug response.

Balic said that he didn’t intend for information about the issues to get out to the public.

On Wednesday, Apple released a time table of when the developer site would be live again. Apple says it has been “working around the clock to overhaul” the center, and that “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Apple Developer Forums, Bug Reporter, pre-release developer libraries, and videos” will all be restored first. As of now, the status page shows that the main iOS, Mac, and Safari dev center sites are live, as well as Certificates and Identifiers & Profiles. The forums, videos, and six other sites, however, are not.

hat tip The Next Web