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Mobile/Social Shatters the Established Paradigm

In this day and age, technology is moving forward at breakneck speeds, constantly evolving and advancing exponentially. Time goes on, and many of the technological advancements that we once saw as state of the art have fallen by the wayside in favor of smaller, faster, and highly integrated alternatives. The future of mobile means having a supercomputer in our pockets, able to connect with friends and family, make business transactions, and help us hunt down the easiest route to nearby entertainment.

At Bizzabo, as an event-networking platform, we have seen that one trend has emerged: the seamless incorporation of mobile tech into our everyday lives, facilitated by none other than social media. Social networks are no longer just an online destination; they have begun to merge with the physical aspects of the physical world.

If this is the way things are going, it’s only natural to embrace social and mobile technology in order to leverage their benefits. Both can effectively enhance aspects of our day-to-day – in this case, events and conferences. In fact, according to a study by Constant Contact, 81 percent of small businesses are planning to use mobile technology to market their events in 2013, and 21 percent of event planners see mobile apps as a top priority investment in 2013.

To engage or not engage: That is [hardly] the question

The digital realm is helping us expand our social and professional networks at rates never experienced before. Unfortunately, rapid network growth can sometimes come at the cost of having true, quality contacts. By seizing the opportunities provided through the use of event-based mobile apps, users can track attendees and in-conference events to make sure they are making the right connections before, during, and even after a conference in order to ensure the greatest value from putting oneself out there.

This marriage between social media and mobile technology provides the best set of tools to conquer the social chaos that is conference networking. These innovations enable attendees to take advantage of features like direct, in-app messaging that helps them arrange face-to-face meetings and maximize opportunities for career development and connection. Not only is tech facilitating engagement, but it is also giving event organizers a better way to track, analyze, and understand how attendees are interacting with their event and its content. Event apps can provide valuable analytics that can help organizers better strategize everything from event marketing to which keynote speaker to choose. Further, event apps open the loop for sponsors so they can become more than a static logo and join the event conversation. Technology is once again blazing a clear pathway for future engagement and sparking the flow of information.

Merging the conversation

When looking at the social aspect of the conference and event tech, we can begin to see how evolving technology has impacted the way we engage and interact with our world. Thanks to the constant deluge of information flooding our computers and mobile devices, the average person can hardly sustain a few minutes worth of unadulterated attention, let alone sit through a solid hour of keynote speeches. The solution? Content that engages. By adapting this way of thinking, social and mobile innovations in the event marketplace can constantly develop to engage the attendee where it matters most: their mobile device. By building conversations around a topic through social media networks in real time, it’s possible to create another level of interaction that can help attendees gain a deeper understanding of an event’s content.

Examples of this at work can be seen in presentations at conferences savvy enough to integrate social into the backbone of their event. From live-tweeting to streaming sidebars of commentary, each small addition dedicated to enhancing the experience can fill conferences with simultaneous mobile engagement. Event hashtags can also be a simple and extremely effective tool for keeping the conversation flowing and targeted

Where is this all going?

So, there you have it: a clear picture of the convergence of daily life and technology, and an even clearer reason for the event industry to lead the way. The union of mobile and social is here to stay and will continue to evolve. Through something as simple as word of mouth, mobile devices and effective social media integration can turn attendees into some of your best promoters.

Organize a conference? Make sure you have a social-mobile strategy. Your attendees expect it.

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