Bethesda Softworks might have gone too far with its latest recruiting efforts. The game publisher released a new video yesterday that shows what it’s like to work with its latest new hire: an anthropomorphic cat ripped straight from the setting of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

The video shows the bipedal feline, a member of the Khajiit race called J’Datharr Buttons, working in the Bethesda office. The clip parodies ESPN’s Sportscenter promos, which feature serious mock interviews with one of the show’s anchors while something crazy — and barely sports related — happens in the b-roll footage.

Bethesda senior brand overlord Eric Correll opens the video talking about how the company fosters creativity by finding unique talent. The clip then shows J’Datharr Buttons causing problems with his tail, heading to the bathroom with some Fresh Step kitty litter, and getting stuck in a tree.