Talk about showing off.

Amazon, just a day away from a visit from President Obama, announced today that it’s adding 5,000  full-time jobs at its U.S. distribution facilities. The hires, which represent a 25-percent increase over Amazon’s current 20,000-strong workforce, are all in an effort to satisfy the increasing demand for Amazon’s services. And the best part? The hiring starts now.

Amazon hasn’t been shy about going on extravagant hiring sprees as of late. Last October, the company announced its plans to hire 50,000 seasonal workers — additions that the company ended up needing pretty desperately.  At its peak on November 26 last year, Amazon sold 306 items per second.

In terms of workplace conditions, however, Amazon’s record isn’t entirely stellar. Complaints about workplace conditions have been a common occurrence for the company: The most recent complaint came in February, when a German public television documentary reported the often-awful conditions some of Amazon’s European factories.