Facebook wants to BBQ, drink, eat … and talk off the record.

The social network, which reported record revenue and earnings last week, just sent an invite out to members of the press to join the company’s “Facebook’s Summer Cookout” at its Menlo Park headquarters on Aug. 14.

Facebook BBQ

Currently, we have no information on what precisely Facebook wants to talk about, although the company has held this type of “picnic” with members of the press before.

And while the chances of the company saying anything actually on the record at the event are slim, Facebook did just report a massive 41 percent of its income coming from mobile in last week’s earnings call, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg said would soon be over 50 percent.

Mobile has been a major focus at Facebook since well before the Instagram purchase, but in spite of just adding video to Instagram, the company has not yet monetized that mobile asset. One ad product that Facebook has been rumored to be launching is 15-second preroll style video ads — which would perfectly match Instagram’s 15-second video length.

Rumors and innuendos, half-confirmations, and uncertain denials will likely be all that we get at this Facebook event.

Besides the food, naturally.