The Android-based indie-gaming console Ouya has at least one exclusive game that everyone seems to love. TowerFall, the multiplayer-only archery-based fighting game, is easy to learn and difficult to master.

Last week, TowerFall developer Matt Thorson revealed he is bringing the game to PC, which is definitely not ideal for the couch co-op experience that TowerFall is known for. To boost the PC offering, Thorson plans to add a full single-player campaign, according to an interview with Shack News.

“I’m already testing a bunch of new content for the Versus mode,” Thorson told Shack News. “There’s two new towers, some new powerups, archers, and variants, and a bunch of balance changes. I’m also planning a fully fleshed-out single player mode for players who don’t have friends to play versus mode with. It’s going to be a massive update. I can’t wait to see how people react.”

TowerFall doesn’t have an online mode. It relies on a party-game setting where players get together in person to play. PC gamers traditionally don’t have their rigs hooked up to communal televisions in that way.

Following the PC release, Thorson says he wants to get the game on Mac and Linux. He told Shack News that those both “look possible.”