A month following theĀ release of its Android app, popular image-sharing service Imgur has finally launched an official app for the iPhone and iPad after wrangling over approval with Apple.

Imgur is best known for its usage on influential community news site Reddit. Last October, Imgur went from being a place to simply upload images to a destination similar to Reddit where you can browse viral images. It recently launched its own meme generator. The service attracts 4 billion page views and more than 80 million unique visitors each month.

While Imgur has been around since 2009, it is just now getting around to launching mobile apps. It used to leave mobile app development to third parties by offering an open API, but then realized it wanted an official presence on mobile. It also noticed that 35 percent of its traffic now comes from mobile. So its new Android and iOS apps were born.

“We realized the experience in these third-party apps wasn’t that great,” Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf told VentureBeat.

Getting the Android app approved was simple and went off without a hitch, Schaaf said. But the Apple approval process was a headache. Apple rejected the app five times over concerns about copyright violations and crude content.

“Apple didn’t quite understand who we were,” Schaaf said. “It’s just like many other apps, and we had to explain that we follow all DMCA guidelines. It was a bit frustrating to go through that process but it makes sense.”

San Francisco-based Imgur has not raised any funding to date but is considering it. Imgur has 10 full-time employees.