Streaming video service Netflix is finally rolling out its individual profiles feature to subscribers in all regions, the company announced today.

Netflix’s new profiles feature, which started testing back in January, basically eliminates much of the challenge that comes with having more than one person using the same account across many devices. Right now, if multiple people use the same Netflix account, it messes up the accounts recommendation engine — effectively rendering it useless. It also makes it difficult to keep up with what’s saved in everyone’s queue. A four-person household could have over 400 titles on one queue, thus making it pretty much impossible to find something you’ve saved without sifting through everything.

Netflix said the new profiles should be available on most devices that support Netflix, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone, and many smart TVs. Apple TV actually got the Netflix profile feature yesterday. Support for devices, such as those that run on Android, should be coming in the near future.

While the company is rolling out the profile feature today, it may take a while before you’re able to see it pop up in your particular region. (I’m still waiting for it.) For now, check out an intro video for the profiles feature from Netflix embedded below.