Developer Born Ready wants to bring players into its mech game, Strike Suit Zero.

Today, the studio released the beta of its futuristic space sim to work with the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset. This means that gamers with Strike Suit Zero and the Oculus visor can jump into the digital cockpit and start blowing up enemies immediately.

“It should come as no surprise that we’re massive fans of VR here at Born Ready Games,” Born Ready community manager Jamin Smith said. “Oculus has come along and given a kick up the ass to the tech and made it relevant and viable again.”

Born Ready optimized the game for the Oculus. It rearranged how the heads-up display works. The developer focused on really making players feel like they’re sitting in the cockpit of a transforming space mech.

“I guess the biggest problem was that there was so much information and all the information was around the edges of the screen,” Strike Suit Zero programmer Alejandro Sanchez-Guerrero said. “So we tried to scale it down to fit in the field of view, but we realized the text wasn’t readable. That was the main complication.”

Instead of trying to fit all of the info onto the screen at once, Born Ready decided to let the dials and numbers run off the screen. Players will have to move their heads around to see everything.

“It offers a new level of immersion,” said Sanchez-Guerrero.

Gamers have taken to adapting many existing games to the Oculus themselves. Notable examples include first-person role-playing adventure Skyrim. That game, and many others, suffer from visual issues that make them nearly unplayable for any significant amount of time. Those include floating text and warping issues.

Strike Suit Zero may suffer from similar issues. Born Ready wants fans to report any issues they find to its community forums to help them improve the final product.

Strike Suit Zero is available now for PC. Gamers can order an early development kit of the Oculus VR visor. New orders won’t ship until September.