Microsoft doesn’t want gamers to have to sit around in lobbies and wait for a game to find a multiplayer match, so the company developed asynchronous matching for the Xbox One.

In a podcast interview with Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hyrb, Xbox One chief hardware architect Marc Whitten explained how asynchronous matching runs in the background at all times so that players can immediately jump into a new online game.

“Today, typically what happens on Xbox 360 is you go into matchmaking, and you’re sitting around in a lobby waiting — you’re sitting and not playing a game,” said Whitten. “The question is why can’t you be running the matches that you like — that are really tailored to you — always in the background so that whenever you’re ready there is a match that is ready for you. There are always more matches.”

Asynchronous matchmaking has the Xbox One always searching for the next best game to put a player into no matter what they are doing.

“We can shrink the amount of time of not playing and replace it with really great gameplay. Asynchronous match allows you to be [finding a new multiplayer instance] both in the game or while you’re doing something else — playing another game.”

Hyrb explained that players can watch live TV and receive a popup notification that a multiplayer game is ready and switch instantly to that match with the push of a button.

“That ability to move between experiences — to feel like you never miss a moment — that when your friends are ready you can drop right back in to a game has been really key for us,” said Whitten.