If you missed Def Con this year, you missed autonomous vehicle hacking, compromised cars, mohawks, and, of course, the Wall of Sheep.

It’s okay. If you were a Fed, you weren’t invited anyway. So we put together a gallery of the highlights from the show. The community at Def Con is as widespread as you can imagine. There are kids with parents, people in masks, and even blood donors.

There was an unmistakable tension at this year’s conference, however, given the recent government surveillance leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Privacy and protecting civil liberties were some of the most talked-about topics, along with some really cool hacks.

The community really showed it supportive colors through this year’s “Bloodkode,” a blood donation center, in honor of a sick hacker friend. You could also see tributes to recently deceased hacker Barnaby Jack dotting the hallways.

Check out the gallery and if you were there, let us know your favorite Def Con moments.