The Nintendo 3DS has a bunch of great software, but few things on the system are as fun as its StreetPass feature. Now Nintendo is officially making it easier for players to go out and find partners for it.

In July, Nintendo announced that it would launch a feature called StreetPass Relay at Nintendo Zone retail locations around the country. This functionality will enable 3DS owners to leave a StreetPass at any hotspot they pass. The next person that reaches the kiosk will then pick up the StreetPass. Relay is now live at all Nintendo Zones.

StreetPassing is the 3DS feature that enables two of the handhelds to send tiny bits of information to one another whenever they are physically nearby. It’s less exciting for people who live outside of cities and don’t often pass other 3DS owners.

Stores and restaurants like Best Buy, Starbucks, and McDonald’s often host Nintendo Zones. Gamers can find a participating retailer using the web tool found here. Only 3DSes running system software 6.2.0 or higher can access the Relay. Gamers won’t get a StreetPass if they are the first person to pass the Nintendo Zone with a particular game inserted into their system. If you’re playing Animal Crossing, you’ll only get a StreetPass if someone else with Animal Crossing in their device (or saved digitally on the console) already passed by.

This should make StreetPassing a lot more common for people who live in areas with low population density. It will also make it a lot easier to conquer those new download games that Nintendo just launched a few weeks back.