More money goes out to the security community today. Attack protection service Sentinel Labs got $2.5 million to stop malware “right there on your device,” according to an SEC filing.

The company’s technology is constantly running in the background, aware of everything that’s happening on your computer. It can then see when the computer begins behaving weirdly, perhaps as a result of malware, through “behavioral learning.” Furthermore, it knows the different types of actions viruses take and can detect them on your system. It goes a step beyond detection, however, with technology that can actually stop an attack in progress.

This is similar to FireEye, which filed to go public yesterday. FireEye also monitors your systems and can learn behavioral patterns in order to protect you again malware. But, it runs all activity not through the device, but through a virtual computer that lives just outside your company’s system.

It can then stop attacks before they ever reach your machines.

Today’s funding comes from Sameet Mehta, the managing general partner of Granite Hill Partners, as well as Accel Partners, Data Collective, and others.

Sentinel Labs is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif.