Yahoo has hired former Google exec Bernardo Hernández today to head up Flickr, the company’s community photo sharing site.

Hernández, who announced the news via Twitter earlier today, previously ran Google-owned review/ratings service Zagat. He was also a favorite of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer when she was still at Google, and may have been working at Yahoo for the last several weeks without an official role at the company, reports AllThingsD.

Yahoo rolled out a massive overhaul for Flickr earlier this year, drastically updating the user interface, improving performance, and giving all users up to 1TB of storage for free. Over the last week, Yahoo saw former Flickr head Brett Wayn depart. And that’s interesting, since Mayer has touted the Flickr redesign, led by Wayn, as part of the company’s long-term plan for success.

Hernández is one of several former Google execs to join Mayer’s team at Yahoo. Other former Googlers include Dylan Casey and current Yahoo COO Henrique de Castro.