NEW YORK CITY — At time of increasing sameness among smartphones, LG is doing something different: learning from smartphone users.

The company today announced the LG G2, its latest high-end smartphone and follow-up to the Optimus G. While LG has made a number of improvements with the new device, the most immediately noticeable one is its nearly nonexistent bezel, a feature that lets its display extend to both edges, Moto X-style.

LG also has also done something interesting with the device’s power and volume buttons, which are placed on the back of the phone rather than on the side. LG CEO Jong-seok Park said that this design decision was made after LG saw where people placed their index fingers while using their phones.

“Relocating the buttons changes the way people interact with the phone. Everything’s more convenient,” Park said.


Also making an appearance at the event today was Qualcomm president and COO Steve Mollenkopf, who announced that the G2 will be the first device running Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 800 chip, which the company unveiled back in January. The chip allows for improved wireless data speed, increased graphics performance, and better battery life.

The G2’s release comes at an interesting time for LG, which captured roughly five percent of the global smartphone marketshare in the first quarter, according to numbers from Strategy Analytics. That’s a big deal. While Sony, LG, Lenovo, and others are all fighting to be the clear third-place smartphone contender behind Samsung and Apple, so far no company has made it happen. LG hopes the G2 will give it the push it needs.