Localytics is launching an overhaul of its analytics platform today so that it can offer more services that help developers monetize their web and mobile apps.

The service now gives developers, publishers and marketers tools for push messaging, A/B testing, and enhanced management. Boston-based Localytics is trying to offer a complete analytics and monetization solution so that its services cover the whole app marketing lifecycle. That includes user acquisition, customer interaction, testing, personalization, and monetization. And that will help Localytics make money from the 20,000 apps with 1 billion users that use its analytics. It works for games and all sorts of other apps.

The new Localytics Interact – Push Messaging tool lets marketers create targeted push campaigns based on insights gleaned from the platform’s analytics engine. The point is that marketers can take advantage of both in-app and outside-the-app messaging channels to get players engaged or re-engaged in a game. You could, for instance, target inactive users or those who have abandoned a shopping cart.

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Localytics Personalize is an A/B testing engine, where developers can test whether one version of a game feature or another will result in better monetization. And Localytics Acquire is a refashioned management dashboard that unifies all acquisition campaigns across multiple platforms and networks, so that managers can see all at once how effective their acquisition strategy is.

“When analytics-powered insights and the ability to act on them are united, achieving monetization is one large step closer,” said Localytics CEO and cofounder Raj Aggarwal, in a statement. “With the launch of our expanded platform, app marketers can now manage every stage of a customer’s lifetime value from acquisition to engagement and monetization.”

The new features will bring Localytics into competition with a wider group of companies, including Flurry, Kontagent, Google AdMob, Apsalar, and others. Localytics said that its Acquire and Interact services are available today, while Localytics Personalize will be available later in the third quarter.