Erik Peterson of Nintendo’s Treehouse Games division took a moment to detail Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the 3DS.

“This time around, the badges you wear in battle work in pairs and can be combined for distinct results,” said Peterson. “By successfully landing attacks, you can charge up your badge meter. And depending on which badge you are using, you can earn HP restores, inflict additional damage to enemies, and a whole lot more.”

Peterson also explained that players can keep badge effects in their inventory, a first for the series. “There is more variation in how badges impact battle,” said Peterson.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team also adds microchallanges, such as dodging 10 attacks in a row, which brings rewards to the player with additional items.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team also offers Hint Blocks if you fail in battle. “It will give you tips and tricks for how to survive the next time around.”

The game launches Aug. 11 in North America in retail and the eShop as a download.