Nintendo is planning to bring a handful of classic games to the 3DS through its digital-download store.

During this morning’s Nintendo Direct livestreaming web show, Nintendo announced that it is releasing the original Donkey Kong, platformer Wario Land 3, football title Tecmo Bowl, Mario platformer Super Mario Bros. 3, and rare shooter Recca for the Virtual Console.

Donkey Kong is, of course, Mario’s first adventure. It’s the arcade game that launched Nintendo’s video game business.

Wario Land 3 is a Game Boy Color platformer starring Nintendo’s anti-Mario. Wario collects treasure and uses his evil powers to conquer a score of classic levels.

Tecmo Bowl is one of the earliest football games for home consoles. Publisher Tecmo created the game with real NFL players, and many gamers still swear by the classic today.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third Super Mario game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It features a flying raccoon suit, a magical bear suit, and more.

Recca is a scrolling shooter from developer Kid. It’s a rare NES cartridge and is best known for keeping a high framerate no matter how much is happening onscreen.