If you’ve got a few free minutes, you can finally start learning how to use Basecamp, Asana, or plenty of other online services from just about anywhere thanks to Grovo’s new iOS app.

Today the New York City-based startup is officially bringing its service to the iPhone and iPad, after building up a web-only training platform over the past few years. The company has also released a new responsive version of its website, so just about any other mobile device can access its training videos as well.

“We tried to stay really disciplined in what we build and how we build it,” said Grovo co-founder and chief executive Jeff Fernandez in an interview with VentureBeat. “In the last year saw our mobile traffic growing very quickly … as a small company. we wanted to create good experience, we felt iOS was a good place to start.”

Grovo launched in 2010 to help the average person keep up with the seeming onslaught of new web services. The company’s training videos are short and sweet, typically around a minute, and its platform also follows up with a short Q&A to solidify what you learned from the video.

A free Grovo account gets you access to a limit selection of training videos, while a premium account ($16 month to month, $8.25 a month for a 1 year subscription, and $7.50 a month for a two year subscription) opens up its full library of 3,500 videos. Grovo also offers more than 350 certifications for a variety of web services.

Grovo’s new iOS apps makes its training videos as easy to access as your Twitter feed. The app sports a clean design, and from my testing videos loaded quickly. There’s no offline support for training videos yet (something that’s practically a requirement for New York City’s subways), but I’m told the company is working on adding that soon.

Grovo now has almost 30 employees and it’ saw 3X user engagement growth over the past year, Fernandez tells me. Mobile traffic has grown 80 percent in the past quarter — now 33 percent of its videos are viewed on mobile devices.

The company just recently raised a $5.5 million funding round led by Greg Waldorf, the former CEO of eHarmony.

“The cloud proliferates every day and it affects and impacts our personal lives,” Fernandez said. “Our goal with Grovo is to help people better use the Internet by being the cloud’s training company.”