In the span of a year, T-Mobile has gone from losing hundreds of thousands of customers every quarter to actually gaining 1.1 million new customers.

T-Mobile added 685,000 monthly subscribers and 678,000 other branded customers in the second quarter, the company revealed in its earnings report last night. The growth is a sign that T-Mobile’s new “un-carrier” offerings, like killing service contracts and offering phone upgrades twice a year, are more than just marketing fluff.

At this point, things are looking good for the once beleaguered T-Mobile. Its LTE network rollout is going faster than expected (now covering 116 metro areas) and it just recently completed its acquisition of MetroPCS, which added 9 million new customers. T-Mobile also saw its lowest subscriber churn in years this past quarter — it lost only 1.58 percent of postpaid customers.

After countless frustrations with AT&T, even I’m considering jumping over to T-Mobile.

“T-Mobile’s Un-carrier approach has clearly resonated with consumers. By fixing the things that drive them mad, like contracts and upgrades, and freeing them from the two-year sentences imposed on them by our competitors, they are choosing the new T-Mobile in unprecedented numbers,” said T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere in a statement.

T-Mobile says its revenues have grown 27.5 percent compared to last year. It ended the quarter with a total of 44 million customers and 4.3 million smartphones sold (30 percent of which were iPhones).