One of the more interesting features of Google’s new Moto X is its new camera gesture: Rather than slide and poke their way to the app, Moto X owners can open the phone’s camera with a quick double twist of the wrist.

While the feature has so far been exclusive to the Moto X, Twisty Launcher, an Android app, is bringing the functionality to the rest of the Android-owning population. Via Twisty Launcher, non-Moto X devices can open apps via three possible gestures — a twist, a chop, or a flip.

While Twisty Launcher can be used with any Android app, the most obvious benefit would be to anything that needs to be opened quickly and often, e.g., the phone’s camera. The developers also point out that the gestures can be used to more quickly open Google Search, something I’m surprised Google didn’t implement itself.

Unfortunately, Twisty Launcher isn’t compatible with all devices just yet. The HTC One, for example, isn’t yet supported, though it’s likely that support for the device will be added soon.