After making the Nexus 7 a huge success, Asus may bring that same magic to its larger Nexus sibling.

Asus beat out Samsung and other Android competitors for the contract to build the new Nexus 10 tablet, sources tell Google typically has device makers compete with designs to create one of its coveted Nexus devices, which run a stock version of Android and receive updates faster than other devices.

Samsung built the Nexus 10 last year — a fine device that was completely overshadowed by Asus’ cheap and fast Nexus 7. It didn’t help that the Nexus 10 retailed for $400, while the smaller model went for $200.

Given Asus’ sharp refresh of the Nexus 7, which packs in a high-resolution display and a more attractive design, it’s not that big of a shock to see the Taiwanese company land the Nexus 10. And now that Asus has given up hope on Windows RT, Microsoft’s version of Windows for ARM processors, Asus will have more energy to spend on Android devices.

Landing the Nexus 10 would be yet another coup for Asus, which has been working hard to cement itself as a premiere device maker over the past few years. Asus started out building devices for other companies as an original equipment manufacturer, and it was also known in geek circles for its motherboards and other hardware components.