As promised, Nintendo streamed another Direct broadcast this morning dedicated to Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101. During that live show, the publisher revealed a very lengthy new trailer for the title.

The Wonderful 101 is a third-person action game with similar play mechanics to Nintendo’s own Pikmin franchise. In The Wonderful 101, players control a band of superheroes that can work together and transform into gigantic objects. These powers come in handy against an invading alien force that wants to destroy the game’s colorful world.

Platinum Games’ first Wii U title is due out Sept. 15 in North America. Nintendo is treating it as one of its tentpole releases for the struggling home console.

As part of the promotion, Nintendo went deep into the plot. It’s possible that this video may cross the line into serious spoiler territory, so only watch if you’re on the fence:

In addition to the trailer, Nintendo also launched a demo for The Wonderful 101 in Europe and Japan. It’s due out this month in those territories.

Nintendo made no mention of a North American demo during its Direct livestream. Following that video, however, Nintendo confirmed it would release the demo in the N.A. market closer to the game’s release date.