This post is produced by Mobile Labs.

Don Addington is the chief executive of Mobile Labs, an enterprise software company that can help Global 2,000 companies manage testing for mobile apps from behind their firewalls.

The company supports both automated and manual testing, to make sure that apps are doing exactly what they’re intended to do, on all kinds of devices.

Addington notes that his customers, who are chief information officers, are increasingly motivated to move at marketing speeds.

“It’s driven by this BYOD phenomenon,” Addington said. “We have got to be able to keep up with the speed of business. We have got customers with mobile apps that are driving billions of dollars of revenue, so they can’t wait for IT to make the next drop.”

This power shift has been driven by the increasing important of consumers in companies’ IT strategies.

“The two words that most commonly address this space are ‘chaos’ and ‘disorganization,'” Addington said. “Companies do not yet have their enterprise mobility strategies baked.”

“We like to think that we’re bringing some order to the chaos of mobile app testing.”

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