Yesterday, Call of Duty: Black Ops II developer Treyarch announced the Apocalypse downloadable content for its military first-person shooter. This map pack contains four new multiplayer arenas and an original campaign for Black Ops II’s Zombies mode.

Today, Treyarch is showing off the Apocalypse content in action. The studio released a new trailer that details the new competitive maps along with the previously teased Zombies campaign, Origins. Apocalypse is the fourth and last add-on pack for Black Ops II. It will debut first on Xbox 360 on Aug. 27. Publisher Activision will launch a new Call of Duty game, subtitled Ghosts, later this year.

The new competitive maps are Pod, Dig, Frost, and Takeoff. Pod is a failed Taiwanese communist utopia. Dig is an Afghani archaeological site. Frost is a snow-covered map in Amsterdam. Takeoff is a floating launchpad in the Pacific Ocean. Treyarch based Dig on Call of Duty: World at War map Courtyard and Takeoff on the Stadium map from the original Black Ops.

Origins is Treyarch’s new Zombies campaign. It is a “diesel-punk” take on World War I that has players running and hunting down the undead with two new era-specific weapons. Gamers will also have to evade a gigantic robot that stomps around the world as dog-fighting biplanes zoom around and try to take it down. It’s a fresh look for the series and looks like an interesting spin on the game’s well-worn horde mode.