If there’s a single thing that made the iPad Mini better than the iPad, it’s that the iPad Mini is much lighter and more portable.

It appears Apple noticed and has plans to make the next 10-inch iPad thinner and lighter like the iPad Mini. Apple will use a film-based touch panel like the one found in the iPad Mini in its next regular iPad, the Wall Street Journal reports. The film-based touch panel is lighter than the iPad’s glass-based touch panel.

On top of this development to make the iPad lighter, there are reports that Apple wants to improve the iPad Mini. The biggest change (if reports are correct) is that the Mini will get a Retina Display screen from Samsung. The low-resolution display the Mini has now is arguably its single biggest flaw.

We expect Apple will introduce the next iPad and iPad Mini some time this fall, as the fourth-generation iPad and iPad Mini were introduced in October of last year. Prices will likely be the same as for the current iPad and iPad Mini models.