Emma and James Sinclair are brother and sister, currently living 3,000 miles apart. Keeping track of each other, let alone their professional network and employees, is an ongoing challenge. To alleviate this problem, the siblings founded a startup, Enterprise Jungle.

Enterprise Jungle is still in its alpha phase, but is being used by a handful of large corporate customers. In a nutshell, it helps companies derive optimal value from their workforce by connecting employees who would work well together. It also helps employees succeed by connecting them to people in their network who have worked on similar projects in the past and might be open to collaborating.

What’s interesting is the predictive analytics component. The technology pulls data about employees from LinkedIn and connects people who don’t already know each other but should. These employees might share a common interest, complementary skill-sets, or have taken a leadership role on related projects in the past.

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The next step is to connect these employees on existing corporate communications platforms, like Yammer, Jive, or Salesforce Chatter. Enterprise Jungle has already set up integrations.

Enterprise Jungle was developed on Hana, SAP's "billion-dollar" database.

Above: Enterprise Jungle was developed on Hana, SAP’s “billion-dollar” database.

A number of startups are developing “next generation” customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which also offer predictive services. But Enterprise Jungle is focused on serving the entire company — not just individual employees or teams.

‘We are not a social platform nor are we a new business platform,” says Emma Sinclair, a serial entrepreneur, whose claim to fame is that she’s the youngest person in the UK to take a company public. “Instead we act as part of the ecosystem to drive greater value in that existing system.”

Meanwhile, James Sinclair spent most of his career in the enterprise communications and data security field. He worked for over seven years as a Los Angeles-based technology consultant for clients in the entertainment industry. Sinclair helped these companies manage and move sensitive data, like high value intellectual property.

Given the background of the team, a few weeks after launching the alpha, Enterprise Jungle was selected for the SAP Startup Focus program.

The startup caught the attention of enterprise giant SAP since the product was developed using SAP HANA. In essence, HANA is a container that can store up to 500 terabytes of data and execute at high speed.

SAP routinely selects promising early-stage enterprise startups like Enterprise Jungle that are applying predictive analytics to a specific problem or vertical. These startups receive advice and mentorship from SAP executives. In future, they may even receive funding from the company’s venture arm, SAP Ventures. More on SAP’s high hopes and strategy for HANA here.

Within the coming month, the Sinclairs say they will launch a mobile version of the product and a beta. James will target potential customers in North America; Emma will remain in the UK and will focus on Europe and the Middle East.

Enterprise Jungle is a self-funded effort. The Sinclairs do not expect to raise any venture financing in the near future.