The next games in the Pokémon franchise introduce a new feature called Mega Evolutions. This mechanic enables select Pokémon to evolve into their “Mega” forms. Nintendo already revealed Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario, and Mega Blaziken last week. Now, the publisher is showing off three more superpowered characters.

At the Pokémon World Championships over the weekend, Nintendo premiered a new trailer for Pokémon X and Y that shows the newly announced Mega Evolutions for Ampharos, Absol, and Mawile. The video also shows some additional footage of Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario, and Mega Blaziken in action. Pokémon X and Y are due out Oct. 12 for 3DS.

Check out the trailer below:

Nintendo claims that trainers that upgrade their characters to their Mega forms will get an advantage in battle, but the publisher isn’t providing details on how much more powerful Mega Mewtwo is compared to standard Mewtwo, for example.

So far, the aforementioned six Pokémon are the only confirmed Mega Evolution-compatible creatures. Players can evolve these creatures by giving them their character-specific Mega Stone. For example, Blaziken will evolve when he is holding the Blazikenite Mega Stone in battle.

When the game launches, Nintendo will distribute a special version of Torchic — which eventually evolves into Blaziken — that is already holding a Mega Stone. Players can then evolve Torchic into Blaziken and then into Mega Blaziken. Nintendo didn’t announce the specifics of this event, but it’s likely that certain participating retailers (like GameStop) will act as the distributor. The Blazikenite stone is not accessible through normal play.