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The last time you bought something online, did you read other users’ reviews first? If you’re like most online shoppers today, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. While product reviews have been viewed as influential, this type of information has not been made entirely transparent and user-friendly. The recent CNET and Dish fiasco is just one reason why consumers are turning to each other for unbiased reviews instead of traditional media outlets with their countless conflicts of interest. The process of finding unbiased reviews has not been made entirely easy either, as consumers are still required to go to various websites and dig through pages and pages of product reviews before they find what is truly informative to them.

Using a Wikipedia-style review system, Bootic’s online marketplace goes beyond the traditional online review format by allowing users to edit descriptions, add pictures and videos, and list product pros and cons directly on its platform. Product content is maintained by people like you and me and presented in a collaborative format, which allows consumers to read unbiased reviews at a glance without digging through hundreds of reviews.

Every product on Bootic features a ProScore, which indicates how well a product is doing based on its pros and cons. The higher the score, the more satisfied the community is with the product.

Product Pro Score

Bootic offers a collaborative style platform that allows users to add and revise content directly on the product page.

bootic 2

Users can also contribute and share videos and pictures with other users.

Bootic Share

Users can voice their opinion and interact with other users by voting on comments and opinions.

Bootic Voting

By allowing the consumer to improve and enhance the product story, Bootic helps to transform experience into education. Shoppers benefit from collaborative contributions, which ultimately helps them make better-informed buying decisions — and helps the merchant close the sale.

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