Celebrities have it so hard. Keeping up with fans’ comments, knowing just how many people like their posts — it’s all really a burden.

That’s why Facebook plans to make it easier with a new “VIP” app to help them organize their fame.

Facebook told All Things D that the company is, in fact, testing “some mobile features designed to help public figures interact with their fans.” Celebrities will be able to use these tools to manage their Facebook Pages, likely with monitoring features that show what people are saying about them and when.

Facebook has been competing with Twitter for some time for celebrity involvement, and Twitter, for the most part, has been winning. It’s relatively easy for a celebrity to respond to a specific person on Twitter and be able to track a thread of responses. That same experience hasn’t been captured on Facebook. While the company has started rolling out “replies” and threading in comments, not everyone has this feature. And though Facebook has its “Activity Log,” it’s still fairly dense.

In May, Facebook got a little more serious about celebrities when it launched its own version of “verified pages and profiles.” Twitter also has a verified program that adds a little blue check-mark next to a person’s handle. Facebook’s own check-mark is blue as well and signifies that this person is actually who they say they are.