CloudBeat 2013 — our third annual event focusing on revolutionary instances of cloud adoption — is less than a month away.

On Sept. 9-Sept. 10, we’re gathering the industry’s top players for two days of high-level discussions, customer case studies, breakout sessions, and exclusive announcements.

Other cloud events focus on legacy technologies and incremental change and tend to let the cloud “vendors” do the talking. CloudBeat, by contrast, delivers actionable lessons by focusing on real customers that are adopting the most disruptive technologies out there, regardless of who peddles them.

Check out the latest additions to the program, and make sure to register today!

Rod SmithRod Smith, VP of emerging Internet technologies, IBM
Rod Smith leads the IBM jStart team, which develops emerging technologies solutions to address immediate business needs. He will address the latest and upcoming cloud technologies, specifically next-generation platforms, and the challenges and opportunities they offer to companies as they move forward with their adoption of the cloud.

Dan SirokerDan Siroker, CEO/cofounder, Optimizely
Prior to leading Optimizely, Siroker was the director of analytics for the 2008 Obama campaign. He will discuss how its cloud-based solution makes it easy for companies to test and track different campaigns and site designs through various strategies like A/B testing. He will be joined by a long-time customer, Elizabeth Allen, who’s now at Metamarkets.

EQUINIX - Executive Team PlayerBrian Lillie, chief information officer, Equinix
Equinix is a global datacenter provider, and like others, it’s working through a transition from offering traditional hosting services toward responding flexibly to enterprise requirements for secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud resources. Beyond this transition, Lillie will also touch upon the services like ServiceNow that Equinix relies on to cost-effectively manage their own IT estate so they and their customers remain competitive.

Patrick WhitePatrick White, CEO, Synata
White will share how even large teams can rely on “integraters” to keep in check the various cloud services they use and pile up as operations grow. With some of his customers, from Gree to Airbnb or VMware, he will touch upon CloudBeat’s overarching theme “The Cloud grows up” and how it hit and solved certain problems and challenges, like integrating all the disparate cloud pieces, or dealt with privacy and SLAs. It’s actually pretty easy to start … and far harder to build sustainable.

Full CloudBeat 2013 details can be found here, and make sure to register today! Tickets are limited.

Special thanks to the industry leaders who are supporting CloudBeat 2013: IBM jStart as Gold Sponsor; ArchPoint Partners as Silver Sponsor; and CareCloud, Norwest Venture Partners, and Plex Systems as Event Sponsors.